Kathleen Sullivan Artist/Owner

Our existence in the world evolves via our life experiences. Emotional responses are derived from our circumstances, mood, relationships, and how we view the world. Self expression of emotions within the artistic process is a catalyst for others to view, feel, experience, and learn from. Art stimulates happiness, sadness, and healing. Art is a genuine perspective of our world.
Kathy Sullivan has enjoyed art since childhood and has a deep desire to share her unique creations with the world. The artist is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and has worked helping others heal throughout her career. The artist’s expressive process is deeply ingrained within emotional expression of human suffering, human happiness, and healing. Kathy embraces raw emotions experienced from within the self personally, and about other people's lives and our world. She releases explosions of emotion to the beat of music, and brush strokes of color through the dance of the canvas.
The artist was encouraged to paint again by her very wise
Aunt Jackie, and that she did ......................
Kathy is thankful to her extremely special cousin’s and friend’s who have encouraged her creative process since those difficult days she and her family went through.